Scent Marketing

What is Olfactory Marketing or Ambient Fragrance?

Olfactory Marketing and Ambient Fragrance represent innovative strategies in the field of experiential marketing, aiming to leverage the sense of smell to influence consumer emotions and behavior. These techniques are often integrated into branding strategies and customer experience plans to create strong sensory memories and strengthen the bond between the brand and the consumer. Here are some key aspects related to Olfactory Marketing and Ambient Fragrance:

Creating Emotional Associations: One of the primary objectives of olfactory marketing is to establish an association between a specific scent and a brand or product experience. Scents can trigger memories and emotions, thus influencing purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

Impact on Customer Experience: Through ambient fragrance, companies can shape their commercial spaces to offer a pleasant experience to customers. Well-chosen scents can contribute to creating a comfortable, relaxing, or energizing atmosphere, depending on business objectives.

Diversification of Products and Services: In certain industries such as hotels, spas, retail, and the food sector, olfactory marketing can be used to differentiate products and services. Customized scents can add value and distinction in the eyes of consumers.

Brand Sensitization through Scents: Specific scents can become an integral part of the brand identity. Companies invest in developing distinctive scents that represent and differentiate them in the market.

Growing Trend: Olfactory marketing and ambient fragrance have gained popularity in recent years, with more and more companies recognizing their value. From commercial spaces and events to consumer products, these techniques are employed in a variety of contexts.

Overall, olfactory marketing and ambient fragrance are creative and powerful tools that can enhance the consumer experience and contribute to building a memorable brand identity.

The smart businesses of tomorrow will build a strong brand that surpasses the traditional realms of TV and print advertisements. These brands will engage their customers in a multi-sensory experience, creating an environment that satisfies all five senses and becomes distinctive.


Scenting the space and olfactory marketing are efficient tools for attracting customers, expanding the brand, and reinforcing brand attributes in the customer's mind. Olfactory marketing creates a pleasant environment where customers and employees can feel comfortable, energized, and inspired. Scenting the space is a growing trend in advertising and is becoming increasingly successful as companies recognize that our senses play a vital and complex role in shaping our mood.

The Benefits of Scent Marketing

Sales are Increasing

Customers are more willing to buy and willing to pay more in a fragranced environment.

Strong Impression

Leave a strong imprint on the brain and allow customers to remember your brand.

Attract Customers

Attracts customers, encourages them to stay longer, and come back to the place.

Customer Loyalty

A fragranced environment builds a high level of customer loyalty.

Emotional Connection

You connect with the customer on an emotional level.


A fragranced environment creates a pleasant atmosphere of harmony and relaxation


A fragranced environment enhances concentration and mental clarity.

Reduces Stress

Increases productivity, promotes relaxation, and reduces stress.

Positive States

A fragranced environment creates various positive moods.

The Science of Olfactory Marketing

The most sensitive of all human senses and the first to develop in the human race even before birth, the sense of smell plays an extremely important role in the way we perceive and adapt to our environment.

People can remember smells with an accuracy of 65% even after a year, while visual memory operates at a level of 50% after three months.

Studies have shown that 75% of emotions are triggered by pleasant, mood-enhancing, and memory-related smells. Out of almost 110,000 types of smells in nature, humans perceive approximately 10,000 types

Proven Results

Independent studies have shown that the majority of customers exposed to a fragranced environment tend to have a longer commitment to the place, spend more time, spend more money, remember the brand better, feel more relaxed, and have a much better mood.

This is why some of the most renowned companies in Europe have chosen Softambient as their partner for ambient fragrance in spaces.

Brand strategies and market positioning are the most challenging elements of a company's marketing strategies, as markets have become increasingly complex and niched, customers have different mixes of needs, and a company's offering needs to be flexible, fresh and accessible in order for that brand to be recognised and appreciated as a true trendsetter.The importance of marketing strategy is increasingly evident in management models for large companies as well as SMEs and sole traders. Choosing a sensory marketing approach is an option worth considering when a company is looking for an emotional factor that will lead to increased sales and enhanced profitability for the whole company.


Space scenting and scent marketing are effective tools for attracting customers, extending the brand and reinforcing the attributes of a brand in the mind of the customer. Scent marketing creates a pleasant environment where customers and employees can feel comfortable, energised and inspired. Scenting space is trending upwards in advertising and is becoming increasingly successful as companies begin to realise that our senses play a vital and complex role in shaping mood.

A study conducted at the Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas showed that gambling revenues increased by 54% when a slot machine area was scented. Meanwhile, results in the non-scented area of slot machines remained unchanged.
Rolls Royce has reproduced the fragrance of its great seller, the 1965 Silver Cloud, and sprays it under the seats to recreate the scent of this classic "Rolls"
The Viking Center Jorvik injects scent into its museum in York to provide visitors with a true simulation of the smell of the Viking era. The museum attracts over 14 million visitors annually who come to experience scents like a Viking toilet, shopping centers, and car showrooms.
Does a new car really smell new? As a car is taken off the production line, an artificial 'new car smell' is sprayed inside, lasting for about 6 weeks. Many people opt for a used vehicle and spend extra money just to get a car with the 'new car smell'.

Over the last 25 years, researchers have conducted numerous studies on the behavioral effects of scent on consumers. These studies indicate that incorporating fragrance to create a true multi-sensory branding campaign delivers a much more compelling message to consumers.